Corgi Toy Catalogue 1972

Here's the final catalogue that I am likely to publish as things really start to go wrong from 1973, with the larger scale models taking over. Here in 1971-2, however, there is still fun to be had and you might like to start by trying to identify each of the models shown on the cover!

Whizzwheels, of course, take precedence throughout the catalogue but there is still room for the Golden Jacks models, now reduced in numbers but still shown. The colours are very accurate. Only one or two look strange - the Mustang Mach 1, for example, was a rich metallic green and white. The Lotus-Climax, too, seems a much nicer red in the catalogue than its rather boring orange on release.

There's a purple mini with Whizzwheels in Gift Set 11 and the Unimog Snow Plough Truck is very bright with red cab and yellow chassis! there is also a white and red dumnper truck version that I have only seen as a much later, dumbed-down issue from the 1980s.

Apart from the Land Rovers and one or two commercial vehicles, there is now just one, solitary car with what I call 'normal' wheels: the Citroen Safari in its last outing as the 513 Alpine Rescue car. the transporters are always interesting and here we have the triple deck affair with all Whizzwheels models, including - and I always find this bizarre - The Saint's Volvo P1800!

1971-2 Catalogue pages

They start with The Corgi Technocrats introducing themselves!

More catalogues will be available soon. I have all of them from 1958 to 1972. They are also visible at the main site.